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Land requirement

Land should be free of volunteer plants. The previous crop should not be the same variety or other varieties of the same crop. It can be the same variety if it is certified as per the procedures of certification agency.


For certified / quality seed production leave a distance of 30 m all around the field from the same and other varieties / hybrids of the crop.


February - July and August-September

Seeds and sowing ratio

Female -2kg/ ha
Male - 0.5 kg/ha
Male and female ration is 2:8


Male- 60 X 45 / 90 X 60 cm
Female-  120 X 60 cm

Fertilizer requirement

Apply NPK @ 120 : 60 :50 kg ha-1 as basal application

Top dressing

Top dress @ of 12.5 kg N/ha at 60 days and 90 days after sowing
Earth up the crop adequately after first top dressing.
Irrigate the crop immediately after every top dressing.

Foliar spray

  • Spray 100 ppm boric acid or 0.5 % zinc sulphate to the male parent at 1st flowering to improve the pollen viability and pollen production
  • Spray salicylic acid @ 250 ppm at 90 days after sowing for increased seed set.
  • Spray 2% DAP for 4 times at 10 days interval for better development of crossed bolls during boll development period.

Special operations

Emasculation and Dusting for cross pollination

  • Emasculate and dust as far as possible all buds appearing during the first six weeks of reproductive phase to ensure good setting and development of bolls.
  • Restrict emasculation to each day evening to 3 PM to 6 PM and pollination to morning between 10 AM to 1 PM to ensure highest purity of hybrid seeds. Emasculation should be complete and perfect.
  • Choose optimum size of bud and avoid too young or too old buds for emasculation.
  • Cover the male buds with paper bags previous evening for their use next day.
  • Cover emasculated buds with red butter paper bags.
  • Close the crossing programme after 9th week (from commencement of crossing) and remove all buds and flowers appearing subsequently to facilitate the development of crossed bolls


Top the plants either manually or spray MH @ 100 ppm at 90 and 105 days.


Harvest fully bursted bolls alone.  Harvest the crop as 4 - 6 picking depending on the cultivar. Avoid later pickings (after 4-5 pickings) for selection of seed.


Gin the crossed kapas in separate gins erected in seed processing units or farm gins under the close supervision of the authorities concerned to ensure purity

After ginning, dry the seeds well and clean by hand picking to remove small, shriveled and broken seeds

Seed treatment

  • Slurry treat the seeds with carbendazim @ 2g kg-1 of seed (or)
  • Slurry treat the seeds with halogen mixture (CaOCl2 + CaCO3 + arappu (Albizzia amara) leaf powder mixed in the ratio of 5:4:1) @ 3g / kg of seed as eco – friendly treatment


  • Store the seeds in gunny or cloth bags for short term storage (8-9 months) with seed moisture content of 9-10%.
  • Store the seeds in polylined gunny bag for medium term storage (12- 15 months) with seed moisture content of 7-8 %.
  • Store the seeds in 700 gauge polythene bag for long term storage (more than15 months) with seed moisture content of less than 6%.

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