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Land requirement

Previous crop should not be the different variety of paddy. It was if same variety, it should have passed production of certified procedure


  • Adopt 3m all around the field

Land Prepartion

Pre-sowing seed management
  • In dormant cultivars, break the dormancy by soaking the seeds in equal volume 0.1 N conc.HNO3 or in 0.5% KNO3 for a duration of 12-16 h. The seeds  are to be dried to original moisture content. (or)
  • Upgrade the seeds using specific gravity grading adopting salt water (egg flotation dissolve 1.5 kg of common salt in 1 lit of water grading) to remove ill filled and immatured seed.
  • For rainfed rice or direct sowing, harden the seeds by soaking the seeds in equal volume of 1% KCl solution for 16 h and dry back the seeds to original moisture  content.
  • Harden the seeds with 1% KCl for 16 h and dry back to original moisture content and coating with polymer @ 3 ml/kg + imidachloprid@ 2ml / kg + carbendazim @ 2 g / kg + Pseudomonas fluorescens @ 10 g/kg + Azophos @ 120g/kg. (or)
  • Soak the seeds in 3 % cowpea sprout extract for 16 h in the seed to solution ratio of 1:1 and dry back to original moisture content. (or)
  • Soak the seeds in 60% Pseudomonas fluorescens (80 g of powder form mixed in 100 ml of water) for 12 hrs

Egg Flotation Method for Paddy Seeds

Method of planting
  • SRI method can be adopted

For saline soil

  • Incorporation of green manure like daincha
  • Designer seed as detailed above.
  • Shallow planting @ 3-4 seedlings / hill.
  • Planting of seedlings with 5 days more aged seedlings than normal planting.
  • Basal application of gypsum @ 500 kg/ha.
  • Foliar spray with 0.5% FeSO4 and ZnSO4 at tillering stage

Square Planting - SRI Method

Fertilizer recommendation

  1. Short duration       : NPK @ 120:40:40 kg ha-1
  2. Medium duration   : NPK @ 150:50:60 kg ha-1
  3. Long duration        : NPK @ 150:50:80 kg ha-1

Zinc deficient soils

  • Apply ZnSO4 @ 25 kg ha-1


Fertilizer Application

Roguing space
  • Leave a roguing space of 30 cm between the beds  size of 150 cm
Foliar application
  • DAP 2% or 0.5% NutriGold (organic growth promotor) at boot leaf stage and at 5-10% flowering.
  • Spray with 3% cowpea sprout extract at vegetative and flowering stage.
Preparation of pulse sprout extract
  • Cowpea seeds were soaked overnight and incubated in a wet cloth for 12 h to enable sprouting. Later, 100 g of sprouts were ground in a mixer grinder by using ice cubes of 100 ml of water to prepare extracts of 100 per cent concentration. The ground material was squeezed through cloth bag to extract the sprout extract

  • When 90% of the panicle are in straw colour with the moisture content of 20% for short and medium duration varieties and 17% moisture for long duration varieties


  • Threshing at 16-17% moisture content either manually or using mechanical threshers for seed separation


  • Dry the seeds to 12-13% moisture content for short term storage and 8-9% moisture for long term storage

Paddy Maturity Index

Seed Treatment
  • Treat the seeds with carbendazim @ 2g kg-1 of seed using 5 ml of water kg-1 of seed or dry dress with halogen mixture (CaOCl2 + CaCO3 mixture at 1:1 ratio) of seed.
  • Coat the seed with polymer (3 ml kg-1 in 5 ml of water) + Royal flow 40 sc @ 2.4 ml kg-1 of seeds + imidachloprid @ 6 ml kg-1 of seed.
  • Expose the seeds thrice with 50 % CO2 (4 days for 50 kg container) at 12 % moisture content at 15 days interval.


  • For short term storage (9-12 months), store the seeds with 12-13% moisture content in gunny bag / cloth bag.
  • For medium term storage (12-36 months), store the seed in HDPE bag or polylined gunny bag with 10-12% seed moisture

Packing and Storage of Paddy Seeds

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