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Organic Agriculture

In Tamil Nadu Organic Agriculture is receiving increasing attention among farmers, producers, processors Traders, Exporters and consumers. Growing consciousness of health hazards due to the possible contamination of farm products from use of chemical fertilizers have immensely contributed to the revival of this form of forming.

The conventional agricultural not only destroyed the soil living organisms but also deteriorated soil fertility resulting in less increase in production against the quantity of  input supply. This lead to focused and well directed development of organic agriculture in Tamil Nadu.

Organic Certification

Government of Tamil Nadu has created a separate Department of Organic Certification in the month of May 2007 for the purpose of inspection and  Certification in the state is carried out in accordance with National Programme for Organic production launched by the government of India in the year 2000 and notified in October 2001 under the Forign Trade and Development act.

The Tamil Nadu Organic Certification Department function under the control of the Director of Seed Certification and its headquarters is based at Coimbatore. The Organic farms where synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, plant growth regulaters, livestock feed additives and genetically modified organisms are not used are registered under Organic Certification.

Apart from carrying out inspection and certification work, the Department of Organic Certification have developed Quality manual, operating manual and manual on general standards on par with ISO 65 standards. Actions have been initiated to obtain accreditation from APEDA (Agriculture and Processed Food products Exports Development Authority) New Delhi, the Ministry of Commerce and industry, Government of India. The Department of Organic Certification also imparts training to registered organic farmers on standards and procedures to be followed to obtain necessary certification.


The registration fee for farmers or farmer units who wished to go for certification is Rs.5, 000, while for corporate bodies, it will be Rs.25, 000.


The Directorate of Seed Certification, 1424-A Thadagam Road, G.C.T. Post, Coimbatore-641 013. Ph. 0422 2432984.

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