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Milestones of Department of Seed Science and Technology

The Department of Seed Technology, first of its kind in India, was established in the year 1972 in Tamil Nadu Agricultural University. Owing to its active involvement in basic and applied research in seed science, it was renamed as Department of Seed Science and Technology in the year 1998. Totally, 48 seed scientists working in colleges and research stations of TNAU throughout Tamil Nadu are involved in education, research, seed production and extension activities. Sixteen of our scientistshave been trained in International Institutes at USA, China, Sweden, Denmark, UK, Canada, Britain, Philippines and Israel.



The department is offering post graduate and doctoral programme in Seed Science and Technology. Besides, courses are being offered for undergraduate degree students of Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry, Agricultural Engineering and Agricultural biotechnology.



From the inception, the department has been actively involved in research encompassing seed production, processing, testing, storage, seed health and seed enhancement techniques in agricultural, horticultural, forage and sylvicultual crops. Research projects funded by National, International and Private Organizations are being handled at this department. Training programme are being  organized for the scientists of various SAUs and ICAR Institutes, Officials of Dept. of Agriculture, Seed producers and Farmers.


Establishment of Seed Centre

Despite the best efforts of the scientists, many improved varieties/ hybrids have not reached their final destination to farmer's fields. The major bottleneck for spread of these varieties / hybrids is non availability of quality seeds. Hence, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore has taken a major initiative to expand exponentially the seed activities to reach the farmers of the State.

Moreover, the first meeting of ICAR - Mega Project on seed production in agricultural crops and fisheries held at New Delhi on 27-28 June, 2006 insisted on adoption of a single window system for seed programme with a senior level scientist nominated as Special Officer (Seeds) under the direct control of Vice - Chancellor. Based on this guideline, The SEED CENTRE was established on 27.10.2006 in Tamil Nadu Agricultural University.



*      To reach the farmers of all the districts of Tamil Nadu with quality seeds of improved  varieties/ hybrids
*.      Enhancing the seed replacement rate of major crops to increase the productivity.
*      Identification of potential regions of the State for better seed production of major crops.
*      Adoption of improved technology for the improved productivity of Seeds.

Mandate of Seed Centre

  • Increasing the seed production based on the needs of the farming community.
  • Production and supply of required quantity of breeder seeds with high purity and supply   to Gal, State Government and Private Seed Companies.
  • Popularizing the TNAU evolved varieties and other promising varieties in demand among the farming community by supplying quality seeds.
  • Development of TNAU as a major quality seed producer by utilizing the existing expertise.
  • Generation of revenue for TNAU for overall development of the University.

Seed Quality Assurance
In order to ensure high quality of seeds produced, a systematic approach right from maintenance breeding to seed treatment and packing is followed. Genetic purity is ensured through scientific nucleus seed production by growing progeny rows of each improved variety / parental lines of hybrids. Frequent field monitoring by the scientists involved in seed production and training to the local field staff helped in implementing effective roguing operations. Training and on farm demonstration on crop management and post harvest handling enabled to mitigate seed moisture, health and physical purity problems.
The seeds produced at TNAU centres are subjected to careful drying and complete processing schedule. Subsequently the seeds are tested for moisture content, physical purity and germination in the Seed Testing Laboratory. Grow out tests and field emergence tests are also being conducted for every lot of the seeds to confirm the quality of seeds.


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