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Pest Repellants - To control larva-caterpillar, leaf curl worm, leaf roller or stem borer


  • Solution prepared (using fermentation method or the boiling method) as above for fungal disease control.

  • Powder one of the following seeds/fruits [listed in (a) through (h) below] and add to the solution: (a) neem, pungan, or mlai vEmbu 1-2 kg, (b) kadukkai 250-500 gms, (c) custard apple or thanga araLi 200–250 gms, (d) etti100-250 gms, (e) sundaikkAi 1-2- kg, (f) green chillies 500-1000 gms, (g) bilva fruit 5-10 numbers, or (h) Umaththai fruit 10-20 numbers.

Preparation: Prepare the ingredients for the solution in (a). Powder one of the seeds/fruits listed in (b) through (e) and add the ingredients to the solution in (a). Let the entire mixture ferment for 12 hours. We now present another solution for controlling the above.

Ingredients : (a) 100 gms custard apple seeds, 1kgpIchchangu, 500 gms siriyAnangai, 500 gms AdAthOdai, 1kg thanga arali fruit, 1kg nochchi or custard apple leaves, 1kg aloevera, (b) 1kg powdered tobacco and (c) soil from a termite hill take enough soil to make the whole thing a paste.

Preparation: Grind into paste the ingredients in (a). Boil it in about 6 liters water. Add tobacco powder and let ferment for twelve hours. Add tobacco juice and let ferment for 2-3 days. It will acquire sour taste. Add turmeric powder and enough soil from a termite hill to bring the entire mixture into paste-like consistency.

Usage: Mix 1 kg paste in 100-125 liters water and spray.

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