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Fish Extract (Fish Amino Acid)

Fish extract helps us give green manure in the most natural way. This is widely used by organic farmers in Japan, Korea, etc.

Ingredients: 1 kg native fish, 1 kg jiggery.


  • Remove the fish intestines and chop into fine pieces. (Using intestines is not harmful but it smells bad).
  • Powder the jiggery and add it.
  • Add the two to broad-mouthed glass jar (best) or plastic jar that is just the right size (not too big), cover the jar with the lid (cap), tighten it, and mix it well by shaking the jar.
  • Donít add water.
  • In thirty days this will be fermented.
  • Filter it using nylon mesh to get 300-500 ml solution changed into honey-like syrup.
  • This is a great nutrient for the plants.

Usage: Add 5 ml of this with one liter water for spraying. It could also be mixed with irrigation water (but it should be used in bulk minimum 5kg of fish and 5kg jiggery).

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