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Egg Extract (Egg Amino Acid)

Ingredients: 5 eggs, juice of 10 15 lemons, and 250 gms jiggery.


  • Place the eggs in a jar and pour lemon juice in it until the eggs are completely immersed.
  • Keep it for ten days with lid closed.
  • After ten days smash the eggs and prepare the solution.
  • Add equal quantity of thick jiggery syrup to it and set aside for ten days.
  • The solution will then be ready for spraying.
  • This is a great nutrient for the plants just like Fish Extract and will boost plant growth.
  • It was originally conceived by Ms.Veeriachinnammal of Theni district (TN) as medicine for asthma.

Usage: Add one to two ml of this with one liter water for spraying.

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