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Amudham Solutions

This solution acts right away as a catalyst for growth.  With very little work we can create this solution within twenty four hours. 

Ingredients: 1 liter cattle urine, 1 kg dung, 250 grams jiggery in 10 liters water.

Preparation:  Mix the dung thoroughly in water.  Add urine and mix well.  Powder the jiggery, add to the above, and mix well.  Make sure that are no lumps and cover and set aside the mixture for 24 hours. 

Usage:  Add one liter of this solution to ten liters water (for a 10% solution) and spray.  You must make sure to dilute the solution or else the leaves will get scorched.

This solution helps growth of leaves directly.  It also repels insects.  Instead of using jiggery, you may use waste fruit in this manner: Tie one kilogram waste fruit into a nylon bag and immerse this in urine solution.  Let it soak for five days.  This helps the fruit ferment well.  Add ten times water to this and spray or add 60-100 liters of in irrigation water for one acre.
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