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Microorganisms Enriched Mixture (MEM)


  • Group 1:  70 kg fully digested compost or vermi compost, 10 kg ash or rice bran ash and 20 kg saw dust.
  • Group 2:  (a) Five liters panchakavya, (b) five liters concentrated amudham solution, (c) five liters coconut-buttermilk or arappu-buttermilk or soapnut-buttermilk solution, (d) ten liters ETFPE, (e) five liters archae bacterial solution.
  • Group 3:  Bio-fertilizers – Azospirillum, Rhizobium, Phospobacteria, Potash Bacteria: 500 gms to 1 kg each and VAM 5 to 10 kgs.
  • Group 4 :( To control root rot, rhizome rot and fuzarium wilt): 500 gms-1kg each of Pseudomonas Fluorescence, Trichoderma Viridi, Trichoderma harzianum and Bassillus subtillus.
  • Group 5: (To control nematode) 1-2 kg of Paicyllomycis.
  • Group 6: (To control root grub, white grub, rhinoceros beetle and other soil-dwelling beetles and grubs): 500 gms – 1kg each of Beauveria Brongniartii and Metarhizium.


  • Mix well the items in Group 1
  • Mix the solutions mentioned in Group 2
  • Mix the powders in Groups 3,4,5and6 well together; choose the powders based on yours crop’scondition.
  • Add the mixtures from steps (a) and (c).  On this combination sprinkle the solutions mixture from (b) and mix thoroughly so the combined mixture is uniformly moist. 

Use within 30 days. When you need to store it for longer periods, store it in a heap that is about 2 feet broad and nine inches tall; the length could be chosen based on convenience. Cover it with wet gunny bags, coconut leaves, or sugarcane leaves. Take care to maintain uniform moisture by sprinkling water as often as necessary. This heap should be in a shed or in the shade of a tree. This can be used as basal application or as a top dressing, depending on the need. Use it as a precautionary measure according to the condition of the crop.

MEM can be used at the rate of 100-500 kg per acre.  The ingredients given above are for preparing 100 kg MEM.  To prepare larger quantities increase the quantities in Group 1 accordingly maintaining the same ratio of the ingredients in that group.  This increases the quantity of the mixture.  To make this mixture uniformly moist add sufficient quantity of archae solution.  Do not change the quantity of other items in Groups 2 to 5.

If the crop growth is not healthy and you cannot irrigate the crop because of rain, use the mixture at least twice in fifteen days interval.  If the crop is healthy, use it once in 1-2 months during the growth period. 

For bed crops like vanilla, pepper and cardamom use MEM over the bed and cover it with leaves. 

In rainy season, move the mulch away from the stem for effective drainage and spread MEM over the feeder roots to protect these roots.


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