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Extended ThiRami (ET)

Ingredients: (a) 20 liters potable water free from chlorine, (b) 1 kg jiggery, (c) 1 liter thirami stock solution.


  • Mix these in a plastic drum and fill twenty one-liter plastic jars with this mixture. 
  • Tighten the bottle caps.  Keep for 7-10 days for multiplication of the various microorganisms. 
  • Methane gas forms in each bottle. 
  • On the first or second day unscrew the cap to release the gas and close it tightly again. 
  • Repeat this as often as necessary. 
  • Each unopened bottle’s contents may be kept for use up to 3-4 months.

Usage: Mix 5-10 liters of ET solution in 100 liters water for spraying.

This promotes growth and controls pests.  It may also be used in composting at the rate of 1 liter per 100 liters water to increase the rate of breakdown of crop residues.  ET may be used in irrigation at the rate of 3-6 liters per acre.


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