Horticulture :: Deficiencies and Disorders - Tomato

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Deficiency Symptoms :

Chlorosis of foliage. Interveinal areas became yellow or greenish yellow while leaf margins remained green. Mg deficiency starts as interveinal yellowing at the leaf margins on older leaves, which later become brown and withered interveinal yellowing and necrosis. Sunken necrotic spots which appeared shiny
from back of leaf appear the first symptoms of Mg deficiency as discoloration of the margins. Yellowing progressed from base to the top of the plant.

Corrective Measure :

Foliar spraying of 2% MgSO4 twice at fortnightly interval or soil application of dolomite at 2 ton/ha or magnesium sulphate at 20 kg/ha.


Updated on Jan 2023

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