Horticulture :: Deficiencies and Disorders - Tomato

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Deficiency Symptoms :

The plants became flaccid; dead spots appeared on the upper stems and the growing apex died. Upper leaf colouration initially was darker green, but, later turning yellow at the edges and died. Scorching and die back of the main stem, strong curing of the leaves inwards and downwards. Fruits showing blossom end rot were found to ripen less rapidly. Blossom end rot is closely associated with Ca deficiency of the fruit. Sunken region of few millimeters in width, near distal end of  youngest fruit.

Corrective Measure :

Soil application of CaSO4 1 to 2 kg/acre or Foliar spray of CaCl2 0.5% thrice at fortnightly interval.


Updated on Jan 2023

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