Coconut Varieties :: Hybrid Varieties

Chandrasankara (COD x WCT):

  • Selection from: Chowghat Orange Dwarf x West Coast Tall
  • Time take for bearing: 3 to 4 years
  • Average Yield: 116 nuts / palm / year
  • Copra content: 215 gram / nut
  • Oil content: 68 per cent
  • Special Features: This hybrid released by CPCRI, Kerala in 1991, for large scale cultivation in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. This hybrid can be easily identified in the nursery as the seedlings exhibit vigorous growth with bronze coloured petioles. Chandrasankara are recommended for ideal situations and where good management practices are adopted. Chandrasankara is markedly superior to that of WCT in root (wilt) affected areas, cultivation of Chandrasankara is preferred in such areas.
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