Breeds of Cattle and Buffalo

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Breeding Management

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Role of Livestock in human life...

  • Provides food like milk, meat and other value added products,which helps in eradicating poverty and to have self-sufficiency in food security.
  • Provides valuable organic manure for agriculture, thus improving soil fertility and productivity.
  • Provides draught animal power for different agricultural operations and for transportation,and also to conserve fossil fuel.
  • Provides a platform for ensuring sustainability (biological and economic), which bringing about a change in the social status (society).
  • Provides skin and hides for leather products, thus helping to make additional income and earn foreign exchange.
  • Provide other byproducts like hoof and horns, there by promoting rural handicraft industries.
  • Provides wool and other natural fibres of importance, thus helping to improve income and promote industrial growth.
  • Provides blood as a byproduct,may helps to produce haematinics and other pharmacological products.
  • Provides gainful rural employment for many people, and to have full-time self employment.
  • Provides a means of storing wealthy and also a way to meet social obligations, thus helping to have security and overcome difficult times.
  • Provides a means of controlling weeds by grazing, which helps to keep the premises clean.

In general, Animal husbandry can be considered as a major instrument for effecting a desirable change in the society.

Production Technology

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