Livestock and Poultry
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New Technologies for Livestock Farmers
Smallholder dairy transformation and innovation in Bihar, India
Statistical data relating to Animal Husbandry (Source - Statistical Handbook of Tamil Nadu)
National Egg Co-ordination Committee
Veterinery Council of India - Ministry of Agriculture
Tamil Nadu State Veterinery Council
National Dairy Research Institute
Indian Veterinery Research Institute
Department of Animal Husbandry,Dairying & Fisheries

DAHD - Cattle and Dairy Development Division
DAHD - Fisheries Division
DAHD - Livestock Health Division
DAHD - NLM Division
Regional Station for Forage Production & Demonstration
Tamil Nadu Veterinery and Animal Sciences University
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Livestock Poultry Integrated
Farming System
Major Activities
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Cattle, Buffalo, Sheep,
Goat, Pig & Rabbit
Chicken, Duck
Turkey & Quail
Fish, Duck, Cattle
& Pig
Pest & Disease management
and Artificial Insemination
Machineries & Equipments Post Harvest
Services Marketing
farm implements phtc services marketing
Milking machine, Feeder, Watering equipment,... Processing and
Value addition
Hospitals,Co-operatives, Shandies & Slaughter houses Dairy by products, Egg
and Meat
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