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  Government of India   Government of Tamil Nadu   Global Policies
  National Policy for Farmers 2007 Policy Notes 2013-14 Aggregate Measurement of Support (AMS)
  XII Plan Draft Policy-Agricultural Marketing Tamil Nadu State Agricultural Marketing Board World Trade Organization
  Foreign Trade Policy   Food Standard Agency
  Price Policy for sugarcane 2013-14        
  Essential Commodity Act 1955   Agricultural produce market committee Act
  Agricultural Produce (Grading and Marking) Act, 1937 Co- Operative Societies Act, 1912
  Agricultural Produce Marketing (Development and Regulation) Rules, 2007 Multi-State Cooperative Societies Act, 2002
  Organic Agricultural Produce Grading and Marking Rules, 2009 Seed Act, 1966
  Fruit Product Order (FPO), 1955 State Agricultural Produce Marketing (Development & Regulation) - Model Act, 2003
  Food Adulteration Act & Rules 1954  
  Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006  
  Food Corporation of India (Staff) Regulations, 1971 | Appendix  
  Agricultural Produce (Development and Warehousing) Act, 1956  
  Grading and Marking Rules, 1988  
  Agriclinic and Agribusiness Centres Scheme    
  Government of India   Government of Tamil Nadu
  Rural Godown Scheme   Schemes under Agricultural Marketing and Agri Business
  Strengthening / Developement of Agricultural Marketing Infrastructure,
Grading & Standardisation
  Marketing Research & Information Network    
  Terminal Market Complex    
Related Information    
  Enhancing Market Transparency (AMIS)    
NABARD Act and Schemes
  The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development Act,1981    
  NABARD Warehousing Scheme (NWS) 2013- 14    

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