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Dryland Technology Videos

Land Configuration
Selection of Varieties
Integrated Seed Treatment
Direct Seeding of Rice
Conservation Agriculture
Raised Bed Maize Machine Sowing
Raised Bed Maize + Blackgram Machine Sowing
Raised bed Black gram machine sowing
Raised bed groundnut drill seeding
Supplementary Irrigation with Sprinkler
DSR Cultivation from Farm pond Seepage water
Nutrient Managment
Green Mannure Incorporation
Nurtient Management
Drought Management
PPFM Foliar Spray
Farm Pond
Alternate Land use Planning
Coirpith Compost Application
Pest Management

Further Details
Prof. & Head
Dryland Agricultural Research Station
Chettinad, TNAU
Sivagangai - 630 102
Ph: 04565 283080

Source : DARS, Chettinad, TNAU, Updated on Sep, 2014

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