Plant Nutrition :: Yield Improvement Tips


1. Foliar spray of Brassinosteriods 0.3 ppm at Panicle Initiation and Flowering stages increased the grain yield.
2. For increasing the rooting under broadcast method of planting, soaking roots in 25 ppm IBA gave best results.
3. Induction of better rooting for early establishment in rice, root dipping for 16 hours in thiamin solution.


1. Foliar spray of Brasinosteriods 0.1ppm on 30th and 50th DAS increased the grain yield of Pearl Millet
2. Cytokinin 10 ppm foliar spray at 40 and 50 DAS increased the grain yield of Ragi.
3. Urea 2% foliar spray at 40 and 50 DAS increased the grain yield of Ragi
4. Seed hardening with KCl 1% + CaCl2 1% under rainfed condition increased for grain yield of Ragi.


1. Foliar spray of Mepiquat chloride 150 ppm 45 and 60 DAS increased grain yield and NAA 40ppm increased seed yield of Pigeon pea.
2. Foliar spray of DAP 2% on 30 and 45 DAS enhanced the grain yield of Green Gram.
3. For improving flooding tolerance in greengram, foliar spray of Brassinolide at 0.1 ppm as amelioration to flooding stress.
4. Foliar spray of urea 2% at 30 and 45 DAS increased the grain yield of Black gram and Green gram.
5. Foliar spray of 100 ppm of salicylic acid on 30 and 45th Day increase the grain yield of green gram, black gram and soybean.
6. For improving flooding tolerance in cowpea and greengram, foliar spray of brassinolide 0.3 ppm is found useful.
7. Foliar spray of 0.5 % Ferrous sulphate reduced the iron chloroisis
8. For correction zinc deficiency 0.5 % foliar spray of zinc sulphate is recommended.
9. For control of vegetative dominance in rice fallow pulses, foliar spray of 125 ppm mepiquat chloride is found effective.


1. Foliar spray of mepiquat chloride 125 ppm enhanced the pod set and pod yield in groundnut.
2. Soaking seeds in 100 ppm ethrel enhanced the germination in groundnut.
3. For inducing dormancy in groundnut preharvest spray with 5 per cent Prosopis pod extract is found useful.
4. Foliar spray of Brassinolide at 0.5 ppm at flowering and pod formation stages increase the pod yield in groundnut.
5. Foliar spray of salicylic acid 100 ppm enhanced the pod set and seed yield in sesamum when sprayed on flowering and capsule filling stages.
6. In coconut root feeding with 40 ppm of NAA reduced the button shedding and increase the nut yield.
7. Root feeding with macro, micro nutrients, salicylic acid and NAA improved the nut production in coconut.


1. Foliar spray of brassinolide 0.1 ppm at vegetative and square formation stage.
2. Foliar application of humic acid 0.1% at vegetation, square and boll formation stages along with soil application @ 30 kg / ha to enhance seed cotton yield.


1. Foliar spray of Urea 1% and Brassinolide (0.1 ppm) at 25 and 45 DAS to increase the corn yield.



1. Foliar application of 1000 ppm CCC at 4th month after planting to increase the bunch weight.
2. Foliar spray of ZnSO4 (0.5%) twice a year induced the chlorosis and increased fruit yield.


In Guava, combined spray at Zn, mg, Mn, (0.5% each) and copper and iron (0.25% each) increased new fresh and controlled bronzing of leaves.


In Sapota, foliar spray of 0.1% Boric acid 4 times from June at monthly interval increased fruit yield.

1% - 1 gram dissolved in 100ml (made up to 100 ml)
1ppm – 1 mg dissolved in 1 litre (made up to 1 lit.)