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Nutrient Management :: Groundnut

Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea )

Application of Micronutrients

  • Mix 12.5 kg/ha of micronutrient mixture developed by Department of Agriculture with enough dry sand to make a total quantity of 50 kg/ha.
  • Broadcast evenly on the soil surface immediately after sowing.
  • Do not incorporate micronutrient mixture in to the soil.

Nutritional Disorder
Zinc deficiency:

  • If soil analysis shows less than 1.3 ppm of zinc, soil application of 25 kg ZnSO4 is recommended.
  • Reduce ZnSO4 application from 25.0 kg ha-1 to 12.5 kg ha-1 if FYM is applied @ 12.5 t ha-1.
  • For the standing crop, less than 39.4 ppm of zinc in leaves, foliar spray of 0.5% ZnSO4 is recommended

Iron deficiency: spray 1% FeSO4 on 30, 40 and 50 days after sowing.
Boron deficiency: Apply Borax 10 kg + Gypsum 400 kg/ha at 45th day after sowing.

Seed Treatment

  • Treat the seeds with 3 packets (600 g/ha) of Rhizobial culture TNAU 14 + 3 packets of Azospirillum (600 g/ha) and 3 packets (600 g/ha) of Phosphobacteria or 6 packets of Azophos (1200 g/ha) developed at TNAU using rice kanji as binder.
  • If the seed treatment is not carried out apply 10 packets of Rhizobium (2000g/ha) + 10 packets of Azospirillum (2000 g/ha) and 10 packets (2000 g) of Phosphobacteria with 25 kg of FYM and 25 kg of soil before sowing.

Application of Calcium Sulphate (Gypsum)

  • Apply gypsum @ 400 kg/ha by the side of the plants on 40th to 70th day depending upon soil moisture.
  • Apply gypsum, hoe and incorporate it in the soil and then earth up.
  • Avoid gypsum in calciferous soils.
  • Gypsum is effective in soils deficient in calcium and sulphur.

NOTE: Application of gypsum encourages pod formation and better filling up of the pods.

Application of gypsum at the rate of 50 % basal both in rainfed and irrigated condition reduces Khadhasty malady and pod scab nematode

Combined nutrient spray

Pod filling is a major problem especially in the bold seed varieties. To improve pod filling spraying of nutrient solution is to be given. This can be prepared by soaking DAP 2.5 kg, Ammonium sulphate 1 kg and borax 0.5 kg in 37 lit of water overnight. The next day morning it can be filtered and about 32 litre of mixture can be obtained and it may be diluted with 468 lit of water so as to made up to 500 litre to spray for one ha. Plano fix at the rate of 350 ml. can also be mixed while spraying. This can be sprayed on 25th and 35th day after sowing.

Application of Fertilizers (Irrigated)
Apply NPK fertilizers as per soil test recommendation. If soil test is not done, follow the blanket recommendation.

N P K Sulphur sludge
25 50 75 kg/ha 60 kg/ha

Seed Production


  • NPK @ 40:40:60 kg/ha  as basal
  • Apply borax @ 10 kg/ha as basal
  • Apply gypsum @ 200 kg/ha at peg formation stage

Updated on : 2013


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