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Major Areas :: Green Manuring :: Selection of Greenmanure

Criteria for Selection of Greenmanure



    High biomass production

    Mobilisation of nutrients from soil into vegetation; suppression of weeds

    Deep rooting system

    Pumping up of weathered and/or leached nutrients from soil layers not occupied by roots of main crop

    Fast initial growth

    Quick soil cover for effective soil protection; suppression of weeds

    More leaf than wood

    Easy decomposition of organic matter

    Low CN ratio

    Leading to enhanced availability of nutrients for succeeding crops; easy to handle during - cutting and/or incorporation into the soil.

    Nitrogen fixing

    Increased nitrogen availability

    Good affinity with mycorrhiza

    Mobilisation of phosphorus leading to improved availability for crops.

    Efficient water use


    1. Possibility to grow after main cropping season on residual soil moisture or with less rainfall
    2. Non-host for crop related pests and diseases
    3. Decrease in pest and disease populations
    4. No rhizomes
    5. Controllable growth
    6. Easy and abundant seed formation
    7. Useful by products(e.g. fodder, wood) Integration of animal husbandry and forestry

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